Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giulio at the mall

3:00 in the afternoon: Begin.

I am situated up on the 2nd floor, across from Helzberg diamonds, near the elevators, observing the floor below as well as the space around the foyer. The flow of people is fairly constant. Below a mall security guard flirts with the gal at the information desk. She keeps laughing, he must be telling jokes.

Spaced around the area below are five kiosks selling different things: UT memorabilia on one, lotions on another, cell phone accessories on a third.

A constant flow of people are walking around below. There are lots of attractive girls.

Glancing back towards the info desk, the officer has left. The two girls staffing the desk talk back and forth. It doesn't seem like many people come to the desk - as I write this in my book, two people approach the desk and ask questions. The girls direct them off quickly, but politely. Apparently they really know the location of everything in the mall.

It doesn't seem like I'm the only one watching - Situated around the top of the foyer along the rail are other people staring below. They must be looking/waiting for someone. Behind me is a baby crying, screaming actually. I'm concerned. Its face is bright bright pink, and it doesn't seem like its parents are doing anything... After a few moments, they finally give it a bottle.

Across the way, I notice the manager at Ben Bridge jeweler's staring at me suspiciously.

A screaming child goes by. She didn't get what she wanted. The mother doesn't appear care. She looks as if she's trying to exit the mall as soon as possible.

Looking below again, there is a group of boys. They're all decked out in baggy pants and LA/NY shirts with sunglasses on. Most the other men/boys in the area all seem to be wearing something that screams "I'm trying to look cool".

A girl walking by with her friend trips. Her sandal broke. The friend laughs hard.

An actual APD cop is coming up the stairs, but he doesn't seem concerned with me. He situates himself about 15 feet away from me. He's just observing too.

The same old, bald man has been at the info desk for a few minutes now. This is abnormal. It seems most people get what they're looking for at the desk in seconds.

A lot of people at the mall have strollers...

APD has been up here a few minutes...

Another group of boys arrives below. One wears a wife beater to show off the tattoos on his arm and neck.

Doesn't look like the kiosks get that much business.

The APD has been here a while now. He's either waiting for someone, or just lazy. Actually, he just glanced at me...Is that the first time?

A group of 7 or 8 people arrive (varied ages) up top across the way. They are yelling at a group below them to come up.

I decide to go for a walk around the mall. The cop is still standing near by here.

I go for a walk. There is a lot of Spanish being spoken. A man walks by with his little girl all dressed up. She is wearing a white sundress with a yellow pattern on it. He says something about photographs.

I arrive at the food court. There is a birthday party going on for a little girl. She's turning five. She has 11 other friends there around the table, all dressed in pink.

The smell of the food court is appetizing in order to make passersby hungry. A lot of people are just sitting and talking with no drinks or food on the table. Some people just come here to sit down a bit.

I walk back past my old spot. The Cop is still there, staring at his feet. More Spanish is being spoken. A stroller runs in to me. The mom apologizes profusely. She wasn't paying attention in front of her as her toddler son was harassing here. I politely say its no problem. There really are a ton of strollers here…

I continue to walk. I'm almost back at my original spot. A dad walks around with a diaper bag under his arm. This is not an uncommon sight here.

I get back to my original spot. As I'm getting back into position, I get pushed over by a large black lady. She and two friends are hurrying away. Mall security stops them. He holds out his hand and says, "halt, immediately". He’s very clearly nervous. Its humorous watching him try to assert his authority. The APD cop that was there earlier (and apparently the whole time) looks up and slowly walks over to see what the problem is. He must chill around the mall all day waiting for this moment to arrive.

The "heist situation" takes up my attention. Everything is unfolding. There are three mall security guards up here now along with the APD officer. One of the girls from the info desk has come up the escalator as well. She is talking to the cop. She says she saw something and points down below at a plant. One woman's bags are being searched. All three of the women are playing it cool though, saying they've done nothing. They're all on their cell phones.

Minutes pass. One of the ladies looks right at me. I look her right in the face. She looks guilty, or at least like she knows one of them did something wrong. Who wants to deal with getting arrested on a sunday afternoon at the mall? People are just walking by, trying to act like they are not staring.

Looking below, two strollers collide. I decide strollers are a serious issue at the mall.

Another cop is approaching. He must be here to join the hesist situation. His name is Officer Eveleth.

Officer Eveleth is very intimidating. He's a "triple B": Big, Bald, and Black.
Looking down the way, the apple store is jammed pack. The mall director was right...

I walk by Hollister, the smell almost knocks me over. Its like AXE body spray times ten with some cheap peach schnapps.

Back to my original spot, another APD cop has arrived. These ladies are definitely in trouble now. The searched bags are still on the floor where they were before. All three of the women are handcuffed. One is text messaging behind her back. All three look very frustrated.

4:27 - I leave the mall out the Nordstrom's doors.

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