Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Airport Myths

Mark Gottdiener: Deterritorialization
-time is not absolute
-lost sense of home/community (Love Actually)
-"Single-serving friends" (Fight Club)
-hotel as "home away from home"
-identity no longer connected to place. Liberating, disconnected.
-airport as new city
-instrumental (transactional) relations. Not multidimensional (rural) or long term. (Meet the Parents and Home Alone)
-globalization of business (Blow)

Stephen Bode & Jeremy Millar
-airport as site for public art/interventions. ex: Detroit tunnel-disorienting, Jenny Holzer phrases
-airport as "counter site", a utopia/dystopia containing all other places
(-multicultural populus, commerce/stores, hotels, chapels/prayer rooms)
-airport/airplane as sublime machine (Marinetti/Malevich) v post-9/11 security, fuel economy, inefficient, authoritarian

Douglas Coupland:Hubs
-airport hubs as "nothingness"
-signs: Helvetica, no personality, patronizing
-"anti-experience"/"serving time"-prison
-Chicago O'Hare served 76.5 million passengers in 2006. Most delays
-a place for needs but not soul

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